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Living in a property

When our tenants are living in a property we want you to enjoy your time, so find some extra information on what you can expect and when undertaking a tenancy with Sales and Lettings Angels.

Interim Inspections
We will conduct periodic interim inspections every 3 months during your tenancy. These inspections allow us to check the condition of the property and rectify any maintenance problems promptly. We will provide all tenants with at least 24 hours’ notice of any inspections via email.

Once the inspection has been conducted it will be sent to both the tenant and landlord for your records.

Quiet Enjoyment
‘Quiet enjoyment’ is the right that tenants have to enjoy their property undisturbed by their landlord and/or agent. The landlord and/or agent must provide 24 hours notice to all tenants in writing.

Sales and Lettings Angels will always provide you with 24 hours notice of any maintenance repairs or viewings on your property. If you inform us that we cannot enter your property, we will respect your right to quiet enjoyment.

However, in emergency situations such as burst pipes or gas leaks, the landlord has the right to enter the property without permission.

Renewing your tenancy
If you wish to continue your tenancy in the property that you currently live in, then we will provide you with that option before we re-market the property and conduct viewings with potential applicants.

In order to renew your tenancy we will require your request to renew in writing via email sent to

Once we have received this request, we will communicate with yourselves regarding the new agreement length, rental price and any special terms required.

If you do not wish to renew your tenancy, please also email

Waste & Recycling
As per your tenancy agreement, all tenants have a responsibility to co-operate with the provisions in place at your property for the storage of domestic waste and recyclable materials. This covers, making sure that all waste and recycling is placed in the appropriate containers, in the correct locations for collection at the correct time.

The majority of our rental properties has their waste collected in bags. The bags that you will require are as follows:

  • Green recycling bags – these can include paper, cardboard, clean tins, cans and jars and plastic bottles along with a host of other recyclable items. More are available from local stockists including leisure centres and libraries.
  • A kerbside food waste caddy – this can include raw and cooked food, fruit peelings, tea bags an egg shells. More are available from local stockists including leisure centres and libraries.
  • Red striped bags – these bags will be for general waste. These bags will be delivered twice a year. If you reside in a property of 6 people or more you can request more striped bags.

All waste must be placed outside the boundaries of your property after 4.30pm the day before collection and no later than 6am on the delay of collection. Waste will be collected by the council between 6am and 10pm.

If waste is found accumulated in front or back gardens, dumped in the street, or there is an incorrect presentation of waste then action may be taken against the tenants.

For a printable version of Cardiff Council waste collection dates click here.