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Moving out of your Property

Is the end of your tenancy fast approaching, then find all the information you will need on how to vacate your property!

Moving Out Instructions

Before you vacate your property, we will require you to have done the following regarding your rent, cleaning and utilities.


  1. Pay all of your rent and outstanding late rent charges – you will not be able to use your deposit as your last months rent
  2. Cancel your standing order

Cleaning & Repairs

  1. The whole property will need to be clean and any damages rectified – do not leave this to the last tenant! You can contact us if you would like the number of a cleaner or handyman to instruct at your own cost!
  2. Please see our cleaning checklist to ensure no areas are missed – our downloadable cleaning checklist can be found here
  3. Please let us know of any maintenance issues before you vacate. If they are not reported in writing, the charge may be deducted from your deposit.

Check out

  1. Please email with when you are moving out. If everyone moves out before the end of the tenancy, we may be able to bring your checkout inspection forward and return your deposit sooner.
  2. You will not need to be present during your check out inspection, but you can be if you want to.


  1. Please leave both your front door and bedroom door key in your bedroom door
  2. Do not return your keys to the office
  3. Ensure all windows and doors are closed before leaving


  1. Take meter readings on the day the last tenant leaves and inform utility companies
  2. Inform water, electric, gas, TV license, internet and council tax that you have moved out
  3. Cancel any standing orders with utility companies
  4. Provide a forwarding address for any utility bills to be settled and other correspondence.

Any queries, please contact Sales & Lettings Angels on 02922331425 or

Check out inspections
A check out inspection will be conducted on your property once everyone has vacated the property. This will check the entire property for cleanliness and its overall condition.

Apart from fair wear and tear, if the property is dirty and in disrepair compared to the opening inventory then deductions will be claimed against your deposit. We will not be able to provide an itemised list of deductions to be made.

Deposit return
We aim to return all deposits within 14 working days of the check out inspection taking place, subject to no deductions.

In the instance that deductions need to be made from your deposit, due to cleaning or repairs, then we will have to wait for a contractor to carry out the works and invoice us. This process can take significantly longer and will depend on the nature of the works required.

Once your deposit is ready to be returned, the lead tenant will receive an email from the Deposit Protection Service with a repayment ID, instructions of what to do next and how to distribute the deposit to other tenants. This is where you provide yours and the other tenant’s bank details and the deposit will be transferred. It is not down to us which account the deposit is returned too and we CANNOT change who the lead tenant it.