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Moving into a property

Once all referencing has been completed, deposit paid and tenancy agreement signed your property will be fully secured. As your agreed tenancy start date approaches, many of our tenants like to be prepared well in advance.

Key Collection
In advance of your agreed tenancy start date, you will need to contact one of our Angels to arrange a key collection date and time.

We ask all tenants to do this to ensure that the keys are ready for collection and that have done any necessary paperwork checks.

If a key collection slot is not booked and you arrive at the office, please be prepared to be turned away.

Collection times:
Monday to Friday: 8am until 7pm
Saturdays: 10am until 3pm
We are closed bank holiday weekends.

Check in and Inventory
Before you move into a property, a check in and inventory report will be conducted. This will be a list of items in the property, their condition and the general condition of the property. You will receive a copy of this via email and you will be asked to email with photos of any corrections of amendments within 7 days. Once this 7 days has passed, the inventory will be accepted as it is. We will use the check in and inventory report at the end of your tenancy to compare the condition and check for any dilapidations or damages.

All utility bills accounts will need to be set up from the start date of your tenancy and not the day you move into your property, due to the standing charges that utility companies charge. This means that if you are moving into your property after your tenancy start date, your bill payments will be minimal. You are free to set up accounts with any gas/electricity supplier but your water will be supplied by Welsh Water. We do recommend shopping around for the best deals as the big energy companies often have new customer deals available!

If you do not want the hassle of arranging your own bills with a variety of companies, we also work with Huddle UK who combine all bills into one monthly payment for each housemate – this is perfect for our big student houses as it means no more chasing your housemates for money each month. You can find more information huddle at

Here at Sales and Lettings Angels, we all know how important the internet is to everyone and that is why we work with Virgin Media directly. With your consent we can provide Virgin Media with your details who will then contact you directly to set up any internet and/or TV services you may be interested in. If you are interested in this, please contact us here (link to contact page) or call one of the angels on 02922331425.

You are more than welcome to set up your internet with any provider.

Parking Permits
Almost of all of our properties have on street parking available, both permit and public spaces. Permit’s are supplied by Cardiff Council and prevent the need to spend time trying to find a permit free space!

If you are a professional and are a council tax account holder you will be able to apply for the permit via post. However, if you are a student and exempt from council tax you will not hold a council tax account number and therefore applications can be made via post.

More information on parking permits and how to apply can be found here.

As a tenant, you will be required to contents insurance for the property that you are living in. Contents insurance covers the belongings that you own and put in the property. As a tenant it is not your responsibility to arrange buildings insurance, the insurance that protects the structure and fixture and fittings of the property, instead that is the responsibility of the landlord.

You can look at two types of policy, insuring the whole property as a group or opt for room only insurance. It is suggested that if you opt for room only insurance there will need to be a lock on the door and any belongings in communal areas will not be covered.

If you are a student it is worth checking if your parents home insurance covers you under it’s ‘temporarily removed from home section’. Your parents address will need to be your main address for this policy.

For more advice on tenant insurance, check out Money Saving Expert.

Alternatively check out some of the following companies for their contents insurance quotes:

Endsleigh – Perfect for students


Compare the Market


TV Licensing
If you wish to watch live TV in your property, you will require a TV license. TV licenses are the responsibility of the tenants, unless specified in your tenancy agreement.

The official TV licensing site requires you to be covered by a TV license if you do one of the following:

  • Watch or record programmes as they are being shown live on TV
  • Download or watch BBC programmes on BBC iPlayer

If you do any of the above, it does not matter if you watch these on a TV, desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, games console, digital box or DVD/VHS recorder – you will still need a TV license!

Depending on the type of contract you have signed with Sales and Lettings Angels, determines how many TV licenses will be required. Put simply, if you and your housemates are listed on one agreement you will only require 1 license for the whole property. However, if you have signed separate tenancy agreements and watch TV in your room you will need your own license.

Standard licenses cost £150.50 and more information can be found here.